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Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 Super35 Parfocal Zoom Cine Lens, PL Mount and EF Mount, Black

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  • Parfocal design
  • Efficient integration in one hand
  • Pure and vivid movie texture
  • Faithful and natural color restoration & skin-friendly
  • Consistent design for higher performance

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The quality of professional-grade movie lenses
DZOFILM is committed to continuous exploration in film texture and sophisticated optics, regardless of the mechanical or optical structure of the lens, it remains compact and solid (1600g), so as to make you more immersed in every frame recorded by the dream painter during the silky and fine control Instant texture.

• Tooth Pitch of Standard module M0.8
• 270 Degree focusing stroke
• All metal structure is compact and solid

Parfocal design

Consistent in solid focus between far and near
Whether it is from a close-up to a wide-angle scene, or a wide-angle rapid change to a medium-length close-up Parfocal parfocal design, a solid focus that never drifts allows you to play unlimited creativity.

Breath • Unnoticeable
When the focus is adjusted, thanks to the floating mirror group structure of the dream painter, the breathing effect of the lens is minimal, making the look and feel immersed in the picture itself.

Efficient integration in one hand
The 20-55mm gold focal length is effectively integrated into the dream painter. The weight of approx 1600g is solid, compact and fearless of complex and variable shooting scenes. It covers common focal lengths. The dream painter can quickly respond to various scenes. Demand, reduce the tediousness of frequent lens changes, and never let down the fleeting moment of inspiration.

Pure and vivid movie texture
Whether documentary film, the characters or the story emotional close-up, painted dreams division at the same time convey the delicate details of the main screen, Paul stay more agile texture and tone of the movie.

Three-dimensional and pleasing to the eye Out-of-focus transition

Faithful and natural color restoration & skin-friendly
The 16 blade T2.8 produces a soft spot under the aperture; the natural and smooth out-of-focus transition conveys the ambient atmosphere and highlights the main body of the picture.

Consistent design for higher performance
Consistently standardized position of focus, zoom, and aperture ring, supports simultaneous installation of multi-channel and focus motors, and improves shooting efficiency in all directions. Whether it is color style or mechanical control, a highly consistent design concept, implement the dream painter series.

Activate more possibilities
Interchangeable bayonet adapter system PL, E, EF, LPL, a variety of fuselages, providing a variety of bayonet transfer options with favorable support to activate more shooting functions

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