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Amaran 100X LED Video Light Recording Light

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  • The color temperature can be set from 2700k to 6500k. High color fidelity, CRI ≥ 95, TLCI ≥ 96.5600 k, 1 meter lighting with standard reflector reaches 34,000 lux
  • Lamp weight 1.37 kg. Standard Bowen bracket, compatible with various accessories. Equipped with a shade hole for soft light to simplify light control
  • Support bluetooth app control, more functions and easier control. Brightness adjustable from 0-100%, offers more options. DC 48V input that can be supplied through the 48V power supply and the power supply
  • Integrated design of light and control, exquisite size, easy to use. The power cord with lock is more firmly connected and not loose
  • Nine lighting effects: “Paparazzi”, “Fireworks”, “Flash”, “Broken lightbulb”, “TV”, “Breath”, “Flash”, “Explosion”, “Fire”


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Main features of Amaran100x:

1.5600k, 1 meter lighting with standard reflector reaches 34000lux

2. Color temperature can be adjusted from 2700k to 6500k

3. High color rendering, CRI ≥ 95, TLCI ≥ 96

4. Standard Bowen mount compatible with various accessories

5. Equipped with a soft light umbrella hole that facilitates light control

6. Lamp weight 1.37kg

7. Supports Bluetooth app control, more features, easier control

8. Brightness adjustable from 0 to 100%, offering more choices

9. Integrated light and control design, exquisite size, easy to use

10. Locked power cord is more securely connected and will not come loose

11.9 Light effects: Paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, light bulb failure, TV, breath, flash, explosion, fire

12.DC 48V input: Available from 48V power station and power adapter

Specifications Operating current: 2.7A Operating voltage (lamp): 48V Operating voltage (adapter): AC100 to 240V 50 / 60HZ CRI ≥ 95 TLC ≥ 96 Color temperature: 2700K-6500K Operating frequency: 2.4GHZ Maximum output power: 130W Cooling method : Active cooling application Control method: Sidus Mesh Radio frequency range ≤ 100m Package contents 1x Al-100x Shooting lamp 1x Diffuser 1x Power adapter 1x 1.5m Power cord

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Peso1.365 kg
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