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Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount (48″)

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Designed for monolights and flash heads with the popular Bowens front accessory mount, the octagonal 48″ BoomBox with Bowens Mount from Angler presents an ideal opportunity to light your subject with the type of softbox that’s a favorite of portrait and fashion photographers alike. The BoomBox features an umbrella-like action that permits set up and break down in seconds. Sturdily constructed, the softbox employs an integrated aluminum Bowens speed ring and support rods that are attached to the umbrella mechanism to keep the softbox taut. In addition, several other adapter rings are also available, to allow the BoomBox to be used with other type mounts.

One of the most valuable features of the BoomBox is its removable, internal deflector which disperses the light toward the outer part of the softbox, defeating hot spots and enabling even output from edge to edge, with a quality of light reminiscent of a beauty dish. The BoomBox has both inner and front removable diffusers. You can use them all for extra-soft light or in any combination to vary the contrast and degree of softness. Yet another asset is the BoomBox’s reflective, silver interior which maximizes your flash head’s output. Angler includes a carry bag for storage and transport.

Opens Like an Umbrella

The BoomBox features a one-piece design that opens and closes in seconds, like an umbrella.

Deflector Plate

The removable deflector directs the light toward the outer edges of the softbox, defeating hot spots and providing a quality of light similar to a beauty dish.

Sturdy Construction

The BoomBox features an aluminum speedring and support rods that are attached to the umbrella mechanism for a taut fabric fit when it’s open.

Silver Interior and Soft Diffuser

The silver interior maximizes the output of your flash head, while the included diffusers modify contrast and the degree of softness.
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