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Core SWX NEO Slim 98Wh 14.8V 6.6Ah V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Brick

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  • 2K Cycles
  • Camera Communication
  • Compatible Charging
  • Firmware Upgradeable

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NEO Design and exclusive features

High Current Delivery
Neo 16 Amp Peak with 12 Amp draw.

Firmware Upgradeable
Through USB Neo packs are now firmware upgradeable.

UN38.3 Certified
UN38.3 certified & travel safe battery pack to make customers traveling experience go as smooth as possible.

View your battery vitals from mobile app or RFID reader.

Modular Build
All Hypercore Packs have a Modular Build design. The design reduces wiring and insures the maximum build integrity.

Runtime LCD
New backlit LCD is multipurpose. It provides nominal runtime based off of 25w load, remaining runtime once connected to a device, and remaining charge time when on a charger.

Storage Mode
To protectself-discharge and help comply with travel regulations, Core SWX incorporated storage mode into all brick battery packs.

Rubberized Housing
The packs are incased in an over-molded, non-slip rubberized housing to help provide cell protection against accidental impacts.

2K Cycles 2Y Warranty
Rated for 2K Cycles with a 2 Year warranty.

LED Gauge
With the display on the side of all brick battery packs, a user can easily glance at remaining battery capacity.

Smart Tap
Integrated “Smart” p-tap connector to allow users to power any 1 2vdc device while also receiving all battery data from the port.

Camera Communication
Able to communicate to cameras as well as chargers with both one-wire, and two-wire protocols.

Compatible Charging
Our packs are the most charger compatible in the industry which allows users with existing charger hardware to continue using their charger.

USB Power
NEO battery packs offer a 5v USB port for any accessory on set that may use USB or to even charge mobile devices.

The packs go to sleep/hibernate when there is no battery usage or movement after a 48 hour period. Once the battery is picked up, the battery pack awakens.

Core SWX NEO Slim Features

  • 2K Cycles
  • Camera Communication
  • Compatible Charging
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Hibernation
  • LED Guage
  • RFID System
  • Rubberized Housing
  • Runtime LCD
  • Smart Tap
  • Storage Mode
  • Travel Safe
  • USB Power


Designed for use with: Power Tap (Ptap/Dtap),USB,V-Mount

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