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Dragonframe 4 + Bluetooth/USB Controller (CD & Download)

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  • Pro Stop Motion Animation Software
  • Image Capture and Frame-Based Editing
  • Wireless Bluetooth Keypad Controller
  • USB Port and Cable for Wired Connection
  • Adjust Timing and Reshoot Sequences
  • Compose and Light the Ideal Shot
  • Import and Edit Multiple Audio Tracks
  • Multi-Character Dialogue Track Reading
  • Program Animated Lighting with Keyframes
  • Mac, Windows, and Linux Compatible

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Dragonframe 4 is a digital image capture software that lets you make professional stop motion animations. The included Bluetooth Controller is exactly the same controller as their earlier USB controller but now with both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It features a USB port and comes with a USB cable should you want a wired connection. Otherwise, this version 2 controller can be connected wirelessly and it provides the same features, designed to help you stay focused on your animations via shortcuts for many of the functions you would normally use a mouse for. The hotkeys are fully configurable, so you can assign your favorite features into them.

Dragonframe 4 is provided to you on an installation CD but the CD also comes with a download code so you can download the software form the Dragonframe website. The application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. The Bluetooth Controller features rugged, two-tone, screen-printed keys, plus locator nubs on the stepping keys, and numbers for remote data entry with functions like Cut Back. It measures 5.75 x 3.75 x 1″ and runs on two AA batteries, which come included.

Dragonframe offers professional, on-screen tools for precise movements. You can compose and light shots, test shots, thoroughly review images, program animated lighting with simple keyframes, and automate work lights for the animator. You can apply simple front light / back light programming, and program advanced camera moves using the intuitive graphical interface. Dragonframe also allows you to import and edit multiple audio tracks, as well as perform dialog track reading for multiple characters.

You’re able to manually step directly between live view and captured frames, or switch to auto-toggle in order to loop playback to better review movement, and both the stepping and playback functions are fully customizable. You can also load multiple reference stills or videos, blend them with tools like opacity and chromakey, and view them with your animation.

Dragonframe 4 has a frame-based, drag-and-drop timeline where you can adjust timing, reshoot sequences, and restore deleted frames. Other features include vector-based drawing tools, camera controls, composition guides, multiple exposures, color detection, color palettes, stereoscopic 3D tools, multi-track editing, dialogue track reading, waveform views, time warp, custom face sets, automated lighting, feathering, markers, and much more. Also, allowing for a more efficient workflow, an X-sheet side panel lets you plan your scene in advance as well as track progress.

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