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Elgato Stream Deck Foot Pedal

Aprox R$ 840,79

  • For Stream Deck MK2
  • Grippy Surface Pedals for Traction
  • Anti-Skid Feet
  • Heavy-Duty Chassis

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The Stream Deck Foot Pedal from Elgato is an ideal companion to the Elgato Stream Deck MK2, giving you hands-free control of your apps and tools and full compatibility with other Corsair-branded keyboards and controllers. Defined as having tactile controls at your feet, the Stream Deck Foot Pedal features three pedals poised to launch unlimited actions. One-touch operation controls your software and hardware. Encased in a heavy-duty chassis with anti-skid feet and what are described as “grippy surface pedals” for better, more accurate traction, the Stream Deck Foot Pedal enhances your productivity and facilitates your workflow by adding hands-free control and functionality.

Stay in the Game
Your fingers are dedicated controller smashers. They don’t have time to mute your mic, trigger censor bleeps, or launch your victory meme. But your feet do. Put them to work on your stream so you can focus on your game.

Step Away from Your Computer
Jamming with your favorite instrument, cooking, or unboxing while switching scenes and triggering effects is tricky. Stream Deck Foot Pedal makes it easy. Go live, toggle cameras, and more without reaching for your PC.

Trigger Chain Reactions
Any number of actions can be strung together, assigned to one pedal, and triggered intermittently or all at once. Snap a screenshot, open a destination folder, and launch Twitter for quick sharing. Or change scenes, play a track, and cue your voice changer with one tap.

Simplify Any Workflow
Streamline your video editing, music production, or photography workflow. Assign macros to pedals for instant deployment without error.

Smart Profiles for Multiple Actions
Smart Profiles allow you to create unique pedal layouts that load automatically when switching apps. Picture one for livestreaming, another for video conferencing, and a bunch more for your workflow tools. All your actions are instantly at your feet.

Set Up with Ease
Simply drag actions onto pedals in the Stream Deck application, and you’re done.

Really Put Your Foot Down
Stream Deck Foot Pedal is built to take a stomping without budging. For optimal comfort and ease of use, a set of included interchangeable springs lets you adjust the tension of each pedal.

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Peso1.430 kg
Dimensões25 × 9 × 34 cm
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