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Fringer Lens Mount Adapter for EF- or EF-S-Mount Lens to Nikon Z-Mount Camera

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  • Canon EF or EF-S Lens to Z-Mount Body
  • Enables Autofocus and Auto Exposure
  • Transfers Lens Exif Metadata to Camera
  • Lightweight, Durable Metal Construction
  • Brass Lens Mounting Ring
  • Removable Tripod Foot
  • 1/4″-20 Tripod Foot Accessory Threads
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates


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This Fringer Lens Mount Adapter allows an EF- or EF-S-mount lens to be used on a Nikon Z-mount camera. Electronic communication between an attached camera and lens is supported, enabling autofocus as well as auto exposure features. If an attached lens is capable of generating Exif metadata, this adapter is designed to transfer that information so that it can be saved with image files generated by the combined Canon EF or EF-S mount lens and Nikon Z-mount camera.

Featuring a metal alloy construction, this adapter is durable while remaining lightweight and its mounting rings are made with brass to further prevent wear and tear. To help reduce stress on the camera mount when placed on a tripod, the adapter includes a tripod foot with 1/4″-20 threads.

  • Allows an EF- or EF-S-mount lens to be used on a Nikon Z-mount camera
  • Supports electronic communication to enable autofocus as well as auto exposure features
  • Can transfer Exif data from lens to camera, saving aperture, speed, and time of capture information to image or video files
  • Metal alloy construction provides a lightweight and durable camera-to-lens connection
  • Brass mounting rings prevent wear and tear
  • Detachable tripod foot with 1/4″-20 threads can be used to reduces stress on a connected camera’s mount
  • Has a built-in micro-USB Type-B port for firmware updates

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Dimensões14 × 13 × 8 cm
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