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IDX 2 Pack DUO-C98 96Wh High-Load Battery, With IDX VL-2X 2-Channel Charger Kit

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  • 2 x 14.4V 96Wh V-Mount Batteries
  • Handles up to 10A Loads
  • Battery Circuit Protection
  • Two Unregulated D-Tap Accessory Outputs
  • 5-LED Battery Life Indicator, USB Port
  • 2-Channel Sequential Desktop Charger
  • Charger Supports Li-Ion/NiCd Batteries
  • 4-Pin XLR Power Output (36W)

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This kit is assembled to provide you with two V-mount batteries and a portable charger. It includes two 96Wh V-mount batteries and a two-bay sequential charger. The batteries support a total discharge of 10A between the V-mount, D-Tap, and USB ports, making it well suited for use with power hungry devices, and one of the battery’s D-Taps can also be used to charge it using an optional trickle charger. Battery data information displays in most cameras viewfinders.

The included charger supports either lithium-ion or NiCad batteries. It features fanless operation, so it is quiet and won’t disturb your sound recordist. In addition to sequentially charging your batteries, the charger can also be used as a power base; what that means is that you can feed the charger’s 4-pin XLR from the batteries. This feature does not work when the batteries are charging, and it is useful when there is no power available and you want to distribute the camera load across multiple batteries.

IDX System Technology DUO-C98 96Wh High-Load Battery with D-Tap Advanced, Standard D-Tap & USB Port
The IDX DUO-C98 96Wh High-Load Battery with D-Tap Advanced, Standard D-Tap & USB Port features a V-mount and is only 2.3″ thick, but packs 96Wh of capacity to power your professional devices. It is well suited for handheld gimbal and aerial applications, as well as run-and-gun productions where size and weight can become an issue. Battery data information displays in most camera’s viewfinders.

The DUO-C98 can handle a combined load of up to 10A among its V-mount, D-Tap outputs, and USB port. One of the D-Taps can also be used to charge the battery, although that requires an optional charger that is not included. Designed with battery circuit protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and exposure to high temperatures, providing protection to your battery from the rigors of production. A 5-LED battery life indicator on the side of the battery provides a quick visual indication of charge state of your battery.

Key Features

  • Suitable for handheld gimbal, aerial, run-and-gun, and other productions that need a high-power-draw battery in a small package
  • The battery data displays in the viewfinder system of most cameras, and the addition of an SMBUS enables RED cameras to display this information as well
  • Handles up to 10A loads
  • Two unregulated D-tap accessory outputs at 50W each
  • USB port
  • Battery circuit protection
  • 5-LED battery life indicator
  • Fully compatible with all IDX Endura V-mount chargers

IDX System Technology VL-2X 2-Channel V-Mount Charger & Power Supply
The VL-2X 2-Channel V-Mount Charger & Power Supply from IDX provides sequential charging for lithium-ion and NiCad batteries, automatically switching to the second battery after fully charging the first. It delivers up to 2.7A of quick-charge current without the noise of a typical charger thanks to a fanless design. It also features a 4-pin XLR power output that offers up to 36W of DC power when the charger is connected to a wall outlet and your batteries are removed. (The DC output is disabled when a battery is charging.)

This portable desktop charger is designed with reliable internal safety features that protect both the battery and charger from damage should faulty or misused batteries be placed on the charger. It will automatically stop charging if any attached battery reaches an overvoltage condition.

Charge Times for Select IDX Batteries
7 hours for one / 14 hours for two

5 hours for one / 10 hours for two

5 hours for one / 10 hours for two

4.5 hours for one / 9.4 hours for two

3.4 hours for one / 7.2 hours for two

3.4 hours for one / 7.2 hours for two

3.3 hours for one / 7 hours for two

3.3 hours for one / 7 hours for two

3.2 hours for one / 6.4 hours for two

3 hours for one / 6 hours for two

3 hours for one / 6 hours for two

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