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Lentes Cine com zoom de alta velocidade T2 Sigma 18-35mm e 50-100mm T2 com estojo, métrico, montagem Canon EF

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This bundle of the Sigma 18-35mm and Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine High-Speed Zoom Lenses, both with a Canon EF mount, features focus scales marked in feet and provides an image circle that covers Super35-sized sensors. Each lens features a maximum T-stop of 2, and the aperture does not ramp over the zoom range. They share common lens gear positions, which makes for rapid lens changes.

In addition to sharing lens gear positions, each lens also shares the following: 9-bladed iris, 180° of focus barrel rotation, 160° of zoom barrel rotation, and 60° of iris rotation. All three lens control rings are geared with cine-standard 0.8 MOD gears, and the focus scale is marked in feet. The front of the lens is 95mm in diameter with a removable 1/4″-20 support foot that helps support the lens with the aid of a 1/4″-20 rod-mounted lens support (not included). A case for storing and transporting the lenses is also included in the bundle.

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