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Rokinon Xeen CF 24, 35, 50, 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens Kit for PL-Mount w/Follow Focus

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  • Carbon Fiber enables a lighter and stronger design
  • Eleven blade apertures create smooth circular bokeh
  • Compatible with large image sensors (43.3mm image circle)
  • Luminous markings allows effortless use in low-light environments
  • Standard 95mm front diameters for easy compatibility with matte boxes
  • XEEN X-Coating controls internal reflection for dramatic images and a distinctive look
  • Uniform focus and aperture ring locations enable quick lens changes when using follow focus devices
  • Uniform 200-degree silky smooth and damped focus throw across all models enables precise focus adjustment

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Internal Focus
Focus is achieved without any lengthening or rotation of the front lens element.

Low Light
A Large aperture lens design that gathers more light for superior low light results and enables shallow depth of field imaging.

Full Frame
Can properly cover full frame sensors equivalent in size to 35mm film (36 x 24mm) as well as smaller APS-C and MFT size sensors

Low CA
Low Chromatic Aberration: All colors to come into focus in exactly the same place for reduced color fringing and increased sharpness.

Low Flare & Ghost
Helps prevent haze, lack of contrast and artifacts scattered throughout the image from bright source(s) of light.

Low Coma
Helps prevent a blur that looks like a comet’s tail that can occur at a lens edge.

Fisheye Perspective
An ultra-wide 180 degree field of view.

Nano Coating System
State of the art antireflective technology utilizing ultra-low refractive index Nano particle coatings for optimum contrast, light transmission and control of ghosts and flare.

Additional features are changeable mounts, a common front diameter of 95mm for easy use with matte boxes, and luminous glow-in-the-dark markings for easy operation in low-light conditions. True cine lens features include unified focus and aperture gear positions for easier follow focus use, tight color matching, dual calibrated right and left side distance and T-stop scales and incredibly smooth movement of the geared focusing and aperture controls.

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