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Venus Laowa 9mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine Lens for Sony E

Aprox R$ 4.074,79

  • Ultra-Wide: Widest T2.9 Lens which can cover Super 35 Sensor
  • Compact Cine: Compact and lightweight Cine lens at 247g only
  • Zero-D: Close-to-zero distortion ensure high image quality
  • 0.8 mod gears, super close focus ability

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This exciting prime lens provides ultra wide-angle coverage up to 113 Degree angle of view (100 Degree on MFT system). The tiny size & light weight match perfectly with mirrorless cameras and are suitable for use with gimbals. The new Cine version comes with standard 0.8 mod gears on both aperture and focus rings.

A standard 55mm filter thread is designed to mount screw-in filters easily. 2 aspherical elements plus 3 extra-low dispersion elements successfully correct chromatic aberration, realize close-to-zero distortion & deliver excellent corner to corner sharpness. Fuji X, Sony E & MFT mounts are available.

Laowa 9mm T2.9 Zero-D
The new Laowa 9mm covers up to Super 35 sensor size. Despite offering a 113 Degree distortion-free field of view, we have managed to compress the size to the minimal of its class. The compact size and lightweight make it extremely flexible for various settings. A T2.9 large aperture is also extremely useful for filmmakers to shoot under low light situation and controlling depth of field.

Covering both Super 35 & Micro Four Thirds sensor
The new Laowa 9mm Cine lens works well with Super 35, APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras and acheive a field of view of 120 Degree (Super 35 sensor), 113 Degree (APS-C) and 100 Degree (MFT).

Designed for film and video productions
Professional cinema housing

The lens optimized the design for film and video production. Hugely improve efficiency and achieve a smoother workflow.

• 55mm filter thread for using with standard screw-in filters
• 0.8 mod gears on both aperture and focus rings
• Stepless aperture ring offers smooth iris control
• Both imperial and metric scale printed on the lens body

Compact & Lightweight
With only 247g in weight, the lens can be easily fit into any setup. Perfect for in-vehicle shots, handheld, on Gimbel and other special settings.

Close-to-Zero Distortion
In addition to the ultra-wide-angle field of view, it also delivers exceptional image quality with the best distortion control in its class. This close-to-zero distortion (Zero-D) design is extremely useful when shooting architectural, aerial and indoor footages.

T2.9 fast aperture & extremely short focusing distance
Including a pair of aspherical elements and three extra-low dispersion elements, the 13 elements in 9 groups optical design successfully controls both spherical and chromatic aberrations to the minimal. Bright T2.9 maximum aperture is well-suited for work under low-light condition. Focusing as close as 4.7″ (12cm), it allows filmmakers to compose with more flexibility and control shallow depth of field with wider perspective.

Hassle-free transporation
Every one of our Laowa Cine Lenses comes with a genuine Pelican case for hassle-free transporation.

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