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HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0

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  • Bring Real Objects into Virtual Reality
  • Track Parts of the Body in VR
  • Compatible with HTC VIVE VR Headsets

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From home entertainment to professional productions and simulations, the HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0 helps you better marry the real world to virtual environments. The VIVE Tracker 3.0 can be used with the human body or any physical object. For a person, just a few trackers can provide full body tracking that can be an easier and cheaper solution when compared with traditional mo-cap setups.

Objects like a baseball bat or proprietary industrial equipment can be tracked and then later simulated for realistic experiences and virtual training. On the home and user side, gamers can wear a VIVE Tracker 3.0 to enjoy increased immersion and accuracy in supported titles and with compatible hardware. Whether for play at home or VR creation at work, the more USB ports you have on your PC, the more VIVE Tracker 3.0 devices you can connect and use.

The VIVE Tracker 3.0 can be used with HTC VIVE headsets (only with the VIVE Base Station, sold separately), VIVE Pro Series, VIVE Pro Eye Series, VIVE Cosmos Elite, and VIVE Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate when using the VIVE Base Station or SteamVR Base Station 2.0.

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