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Lume Cube 2.0 Professional 22-Piece LED Lighting Kit for Camera Video & Photography

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  • Two Lume Cube 2.0 LED lights Included
  • 5600K Color Temperature
  • 1 to 750 lux Dimmable Output
  • Continuous Output Light
  • Strobe Capability for Still Photo Work
  • Integrated Battery
  • Waterproof to 30′
  • Light Stand Adapter Included
  • Snoot, Barndoors, and Case Included
  • Carry Case with Custom-Cut Foam

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This Lume Cube 2.0 Professional 22-Piece LED Lighting Kit for Camera Video & Photography includes two Lume Cube 2.0 fixtures, in black, additional light modification and control accessories, and a carry case with custom-cut foam. The Lume Cube 2.0 is a fixture with 5600K color temperature output that is dimmable from 750 lux to 0. The light is suitable for use as either a video light or a still photo strobe. It features an 80° beam angle, and the output has a CRI rating of 95 for excellent color rendition. It incorporates a rechargeable battery that lasts 90 minutes at full brightness.

The Lume Cube is controlled either manually or via Bluetooth using Lume-X, which is available on iOS or Android. The 1/4″-20 female threads allow you to mount the Lume Cube onto a variety of optional camera accessories. A Low Light mode allows you to dim the light down to 1% brightness. The fixture has a rubber plug to cover its ports, which makes it waterproof down to 30′ and makes it usable in both dry and wet weather or while fully submerged. The accessories included in the kit are diffusers, warming gels, and RGBY color gels. Two honeycomb grids are included, as well as two snoots and two barndoors.

  • A CRI rating of 95 and the 80° beam angle make this a powerful light fixture with excellent color rendition.
  • The Lume Cube features a built-in optical sensor to slave it to other strobe units. The flash features variable duration from 1/8000 of a second to freeze motion to one second for more exposure.
  • An optional app, Lume-X, allows you to control the unit via Bluetooth.
  • You adjust power levels by toggling up and down, instead of having to cycle through the settings.
  • A Low Light mode is also accessible, allowing you to dim the light from 10 to 1%.
  • The Lume Cube is waterproof down to 30 feet. This allows you to comfortably use the Lume Club in wet weather as well as dry or when submerged.

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